Janel Anderson Watercolors

I began painting watercolors to see if I could capture my own dog’s quirky personality in this beautiful medium. Family and friends soon began hounding me to paint their pets, so that's exactly what I did. I love handing over a finished portrait and seeing the expression on their face when I’ve captured their pet’s personality!

Browse the gallery...perhaps you’ll see someone you know! If you’d like a portrait of your own favorite four-legger, send me an email with a picture – I’d be delighted to render your furry friend in watercolors!

Participating in my local SPCA dog walk fundraiser, I recently offered a free pet portrait to each of my team members who raised or donated $100 dollars or more to the event. We raised over $5,000 for the animals, (I did a LOT of paintings!) and what fun we had! My own dog-and favorite model-is a rescue, so I donate a portion of every sale from my watercolors to my local shelter.


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